Fitbit Charge 2 reviewed: A calculated update that’s ideal for new users

By Valentina Palladino

Video shot/edited by Jennifer Hahn. (video link)

After trying something new with the Blaze pseudo-smartwatch, Fitbit’s most recent endeavor is an upgrade to one of its most popular devices. The Charge 2 has already booted the Charge HR from Fitbit’s website, and rightly so since it’s essentially a refined version of the original tracker. Launched with the new style-conscious Flex 2, the $150 Charge 2 lies smack in the middle of Fitbit’s family in terms of price and features. It does everything the Charge HR did, with a larger display and new swappable band options, and it can now also track estimated VO2 max and guide you through interval training exercises. But are those new features enough to persuade current Charge HR users to upgrade? Should new users give Fitbit a try with this device?

Design: Familiar, with more choices

With its 1.5-inch OLED display and attached band, the Charge 2 looks much like a stretched-out Fitbit Alta. Unlike the Charge HR, the Charge 2 has interchangeable bands so you can detach both sides of the band from the center module and replace them with differently colored and textured options. While it doesn’t have the ostentatious jewelry options that the Flex 2 has, you can get the Charge 2 in black, purple, blue, and teal, as well as two “special edition” options, one with rose gold accents on the module and a lavender band and one with black module accents and a black textured band.

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