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‘Leap Day’ Gets Cloud Saves in Latest Update

By Carter Dotson

Perhaps Nitrome’s Leap Day [Free] is just far too gripping of a game. Perhaps you have deleted it to be free of its hold, hoping to never have to return to it again? Or instead, you feel trapped on one device, forced to do your daily leapage on an iPhone, when all you want in life is to have your fruit trophies featured on your iPad as well? Well, you’re in luck, as Nitrome has just updated Leap Day with cloud support. Now, your daily progress and various fruit trophies will be forever saved to iCloud. If you’re on Android, cloud saves are in the works for that platform as well, but there’s some bugs to be rolled out before everything is set up.

Cloud saving has arrived on #LeapDay. Update on iOS now! (Android ver to follow ASAP)

— Nitrome (@Nitrome) September 12, 2016

With tons of new levels being added for the future, and some major content updates already in the works, Leap Day seems set to get a ton of new content, with a bunch of new traps and characters added recently as well.

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