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Worms WMD Review

By Dave Rudden

As strategy games go, Worms WMD isn’t the biggest gun in the battle, but it’s very easy to underestimate. This 2D battler can hold its own next to bigger and more self-serious strategy games using cartoonishly violent charm and clever weaponry that showcase exactly why the two-decade-old Worms series has stuck around so long.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock in the same way real worms do, you know how Worms’ simple turn-based action-strategy combat works: You have a few seconds to move one of your squishy squad members around the map, and your turn ends once the timer elapses, a combat option is performed, or (most embarrassingly) you accidentally trigger an explosive or fall from a great height. Then the enemy gets a turn, and you can only watch and hold your breath to hope the AI or your human opponent will do something hilariously stupid instead of blasting one or more of your crew to bits. It’s a time-tested system that rewards both careful tactical positioning and reflexes and technique as you use their many gadgets to climb tricky terrain and reach an advantageous position.

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