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F1 2016 Review

By Luke Reilly

There are just five laps to go of the 57-lap 2016 Bahrain Grand Prix and I’ve got about enough fuel for four and change. Complicating matters even further, my tyres are on the brink of ruin – specifically my front left, which I’ve been loading up and brutalising around every one of Bahrain’s beefy right-handers.

I need to make a call: pit now and lose a few spots I won’t have time to claw back, or go for broke and risk it all. Ninety minutes of racing have reached a dramatic crescendo: a white-knuckle dash to the finish line in a car that may or may not make it. This is brilliant stuff. In just my second career race F1 2016 has swallowed me up in its Formula One fantasy. Furiously fast, satisfyingly stressful, and utterly exhausting, F1 2016 isn’t just Codemasters’ best F1 game to date – it may just be the best F1 racer ever.

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