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Hitman Episode 4: Bangkok Review

By Luke Reilly

Hotels are perfect locations for Hitman games. Squeezing a large number of living spaces, entertainment areas, and utilitarian facilities like kitchens and basements and such into a single building results in an environment brimming with gameplay potential. Hitman Episode 4: Bangkok is no exception to this rule, taking 47 to Southeast Asia for a fun, two-target hit at a luxury riverside Thai resort dubbed the Himmapan.

I’d actually expected something a little more densely-packed, with narrow, branching halls and lower ceilings (something that better emulated the slightly more cramped and intimate feel of a real hotel). A place more along the lines of the Hungarian hotel featured in the memorable Hitman: Codename 47/Hitman Contracts mission ‘Traditions of the Trade’, for instance. As it stands there really doesn’t feel like there are even close to enough rooms in this Thai hotel to support the multiple bars and lounges, as well as its large restaurant. (To be honest it feels like there’s more armed security in the Himmapan than there are actual suites.)

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