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Doom Review

By Joab Gilroy

At its best, Doom is everything it should be: a single-player campaign that’s just you, your super shotgun, and barely the amount of ammunition required to kill every single demon on Mars. It feels like a Doom game as you desperately try to find health pickups to keep you going, an ever-growing menagerie of demons snapping at your heels. It’s exhausting and exciting and a little bit dumb, and when you’re into it you’re all the way in. At its worst, Doom is a repetitive series of enclosed rooms filled with demons, all of which you must kill to advance, complemented by a derivative and poorly thought-out multiplayer mode.

First impressions wise, Doom strikes all the right notes. The Union Aerospace Corporation’s research facility on Mars runs red with the blood of employees who’ve learned a new meaning for the phrase ‘wrongful termination,’ but that barely matters to the inexplicably mute Doomguy, who shoots anything and everything which moves. Starting with only the pistol encourages you to focus on the diabolically delightful Glory Kill system — shoot your nearest Demon enough that they become staggered and highlighted in blue or orange, and if you press F (or R3 on a PS4 controller) while standing next to them you will rend them asunder. That is to say, you’ll tear off their limbs and, in more than a few cases, joyfully beat them with their own appendages.

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