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Trackmania Turbo Review

By Luke Reilly

Refined and responsive, Trackmania Turbo is a fun, fast, and colourful arcade racer/physics puzzler crammed with tight controls, smooth and crisp looks, and a genuinely surprising amount of solo and multiplayer content. More than that, it’s compulsive.

That’s best exemplified by a course you race early on that says it can be completed in less than 20 seconds. It’s a single corner, a gentle slalom, a large jump that can’t be taken at full throttle (thanks to a letterbox-esque gap,) and two turbo-boost pads on the landing ramp. That’s it. Yet of all Turbo’s terrific and tricky stages, this one is a highlight for me.

It was haunting me. I couldn’t find the fractions of a second I needed to break my personal-best time. Every extra centimetre between my car and the wall on the first corner was time lost. Every unnecessary degree of steering input snaking through the slalom was time lost. Every excessive bit of speed leaving the jump resulted in a late landing and cost me more crucial hundredths of a second. I don’t know how many restarts I made – well over 100; maybe double that. I was consumed by it. This is how Turbo works – how it burrows its way under the skin. Just one more restart. Just one more medal. Just one more spot on the leaderboards.

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