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Rocket League Xbox One Review

By Brandin Tyrrel

When IGN first reviewed Rocket League on PlayStation 4 last year, we gave it a score of 8.0 for “Great.” Here’s what we said then:

“Rocket League is a rare example where the execution of a simple, absurd idea is so strong and so engaging that it doesn’t need a ton of extra features around it. The rush of ripping across the pitch at full turbo to deny a shot on goal with a clutch bicycle-kick is enough to bring me back time and time again for just “one more match,” even without meaningful progression systems. Rocket League is a great, goofy, easy to learn and difficult to master action-sports game which demands that you grab a few friends and play a few rounds.”

Six months after its initial release, developer Psyonix’s, feel-good, easy-to-pick-up, impossible-to-put-down, breakout success has finally arrived on Xbox One. This new port of Rocket League packages the same fast-paced action along with new Xbox-exclusive themed cosmetic items, and three of the previously-released downloadable content packs, making it the best value for first-time buyers who want to go all in on Rocket League and its extra content.

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